About Us

Cambrew Ltd., the largest brewer in the country, has a variety of original Cambodian Lager Beers and Stouts. Our flagship brand Angkor Beer, originally launched in 1992, has evolved and grown to become the most popular beer in the Kingdom of Cambodia, truly earning itself the National Beer.The Angkor Brewery was commissioned by the Cambodian Government in the early 1960s using French technology. The port of city Sihanoukville was selected because of the clear unpolluted spring water available.

The brewery was officially opened by HRH Prince Sihanouk however after several years of successful operations it came to a standstill when civil war broke out.

Cambrew Ltd., assumed control of the brewery in 1991 and after 9 months of refurbishment began production in 1992.

During the 1990's a water treatment plant to safeguard the environment, a new brew house and automated packing lines were installed. The business further expanded by bottling and distributing products for PepsiCo

Carlsberg, one of the largest brewing groups in the world, acquired 50% of the shares in 2006. WWW.CARLSBERGGROUP.COM Since this significant ongoing investment in brewing equipment and capacity have ensured the brewery remains the largest in Cambodia and most modern in the region, featuring state-of-the-art canning and kegging lines.

Angkor has grown to become the most popular beer in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Aside from Angkor, Cambrew brews a variety of original Cambodia larger beers and stouts which including Angkor Extra Stout, Bayon, Klang and Black Panther.

All of our beers are brewed by International Brew Master using the finest ingredients sourced internationally.

Strict quality control systems are in place to ensure that our beers consistently remain of the highest quality.

The quality of our beer has recognized internationally. In 2009, Cambrew Ltd., was honored with gold award for Angkor Extra Stout at the prestigious Monde Selection in Belgium. In 2011 Angkor Extra Stout was the only Cambodian beer to win the prestigious Grand Gold Award at monde selection.